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HB Køge is a professional football club logo.


HB Køge to Host the Third Edition of Women’s Football Expo

A Global Celebration of Women’s Football


The Women’s Football Expo is the first independent global event designed for decision-makers in women’s football. Our purpose is to develop the women’s game by creating a platform for interaction between clubs.

“As the project manager of the Women’s Football Expo, I’m absolutely delighted to have the Danish champions HB Køge as our hosting partner for the third edition. Their commitment to the growth and development of women’s football is truly inspiring. With HB Køge and MSV Duisburg’s support, we are looking forward to creating an extraordinary event that will bring together passionate individuals from all corners of the world.” – David Wernersson, Project Manager of Women’s Football Expo.

“As the CEO of CMG, I’m absolutely thrilled to have HB Køge as our esteemed hosting partner for the Women’s Football Expo. Their dedication to women’s football and commitment to promoting inclusivity align perfectly with our mission. With each edition of the Women’s Football Expo, we witness the continued growth and evolution of the sport, and I am inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of our participants. Together, with HB Køge and our global community, we are paving the way for a brighter future for women’s football.”- Maria Karlsson De Cecco – CEO of CMG.

“We, at HB Køge, are immensely honored to welcome top women’s clubs and football enthusiasts to our Capelli Sport Stadium in Køge. This gathering offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the passion, extraordinary talent, and unwavering ingenuity that unites us in the world of soccer. Køge’s scenic beauty and football fervor provide a captivating backdrop, making it the perfect host city for the upcoming Women’s Football Expo. Together, we will elevate the sport to new heights and create lasting memories in the heart of Køge. See you at the Women’s Football Expo!” – Per Rud, CEO of HB Køge.

“We were thrilled to be a part of the last expo in Munich, and it left a lasting impression on us. When considering the ideal location to host the next Women’s Football Expo, and how we could support it, it became clear that with Capelli Sport, HB Køge would be a great fit. Our Capelli Sport stadium’s strategic proximity to the Copenhagen airport ensures easy accessibility for participants from around the world. Moreover, Køge’s charming atmosphere, coupled with its diverse culinary offerings at the picturesque harbor, provides an inviting backdrop for this extraordinary event. We are excited to support the Women’s Football Expo and are eager to showcase the unique beauty and football passion that Køge embodies as we welcome top clubs to the upcoming Women’s Football Expo.” – VP Global Sporting Business, Capelli Sport, Jason Arnold.

€600 – One club/organisation, one person – everything included (except travel and accommodation)
€1000 – One club/organisation, two persons – everything included (except travel and accommodation)

For further information, contact: Vitor Ortega.